Claire returns (and disappears again!)

Hellooooo! So I’m back from Europe (which was assfkkfadlj amazing) and back to school. It’s getting pretty intense, so I’ve decided that I should take some time off tumblr in the interest of study (and my sanity - there are only so many Klaine pictures a girl can take before she breaks down entirely!) Thank you to everyone who’s stuck around and I promise that I’ll be back, though I’m not sure when (feel free to leave bets on how long I can make it in my ask :P)
Anyway, love you all! Farewell for now

Oh hey I forgot to mention that I’m off to Europe! I don’t have a queue so you’ll just have to imagine I’m here, getting emotional over everything! Love you guys and merry Christmas!

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I thought there was no way I’d ever find someone like Blaine, and there he was.

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Once you reach your 6th Year in Hogwarts, you start to get used to all the shit.

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Not in my castle on a cloud.

The one year I can’t do the dancing concert, they dance to Somewhere Only We Know. The Glee version. I died.



no one twerks like gaston

makes it work like gaston

no one drops down dat booty and jerks like gaston

I’ve been looking for you forever.